Do you have clients in Mexico, but nobody to attend them?; Do you need a physical place and a person whom your customers can call directly in Mexico to give a quickly response to their problems? Looking for new customers? In PRODsimple we can help you. Lets us be your service center for your customers located in Mexico, let us represent your firm. Our expertise will be serving to you and those you care about.


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Juan Cisneros, CEO in PRODsimple, is a person with more than 46 years of Experience in the Industry, he has been in Medium and High Management in international companies like Packard Electric, Ford Motor Company, Emerson Group, Renault, in positions as Quality Manager, Export Manager, Operationd Director, etc. He also has been involved in implementation of Quality Systems as ISO9000:2015 and IATF16949. Focused on cost and production issues, he understands what customers want and how to get it. A person who understand customer's need is the perfect account executive or representative for your Company.

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PRODsimple has a full equiped office to attend your clients, with a small meeting room for 8 persons, telephone, internet, bathroom, coffe, printer, scanner. All what you need to work confortable. If you need an office in your travels to Mexico, you get it at PRODsimple.


The best supplier is the one closer to the customer's door. If you can not be there, then someone representing to you shoud be. PRODsimple could be there whenever your customer needs attention, has a doubt, has some quality problem, if they feel attended, communication and relationship will be easier. PRODsimple offers continue attention to the customer's account, reports as required, metrics, and whatever your Company needs to get the customer´s satisfaction.